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Where and how can you find anime and manga in NYC, as well as anime clubs, anime-related events, and merchandise? Host Clyde Adams III, webmaster of for over a decade, has the answers. This is an update of his NYAF 2007 and 2008 panels
[New York Anime Festival (NYAF) September 2009 panel schedule]

Anime expert Clyde Adams III gives us a crash course in Japanese popular culture… He’s been a real otaku (superfan) of Japanese anime and manga for nearly two decades… he also manages the fan site
[Time Out New York 2008-04-10]

…Join the creator one of the best NYC’s anime website [sic],, to get the information you crave.[AnimeNEXT Pocket Schedule 2008-06-20]

New York City Anime—A pretty darn comprehensive list of NYC-area anime and related cons, events, stores, reviews and more. It’s not fancy, but its da bomb for any local or visiting otaku.[Yuricon links]

A one-stop shop for always up-to-date information about events, festivals, Meetups and other goings on[Heath Row, Anime in New York on Squidoo]

The best web guide to anime resources in New York City and vicinity[Anime Club of Long Island (ACOLI): Links: Club Affiliates 2007-03-07]

…I found the Japanese Cultural Events and Resources section of your website (which is excellent by the way)…[Tony Do, Weatherhead East Asian Institute (WEAI) 2008-02-11]

An informative, up to date page on all anime related organizations in NYC and NJ.[Gordon, Anime Game Tech links 2006-03-14]

Events, clubs, shops, and anything else that has to do with anime in NYC.[New York Anime Festival (NYAF) links]

Thank Yous… to Clyde Adams III of NYC Anime” [Roland Kelts, author of Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture has Invaded the US (2006) amazon 2008-02-29]

I am a big fan of your site…” [Roland Kelts, author of Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture has Invaded the US (2006) amazon 2006-12-05]

I’ve regularly visited since I moved to New York City three years ago.[Peter Tatara of Reed Exhibitions, organizers of New York Anime Festival (NYAF) 2007-07-16]

Great Resource for finding anime in NYC.[Eugene Chen, AnimeNEXT links 2005-12-22]

We are all happy and proud to see our club in your awesome website.[Javier Garcia, Bronx Community College Anime Club 2008-08-17]

We have read about you and understand your passion and understanding of anime![Pia Burone of Allison & Partners representing GameFly 2008-09-11]

Your website shows your passion for anime, which is exactly what we are looking for.[Mona Chatila, Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW) 2008-09-08]

I love your site—great info! What can I do to get our link up there with you guys?[“Samurai Zak”, organizer Genki Shock [Gone] 2007-07-12]

…it’s a really nifty resource…[Greg Mourino, NYU Club Anime 2006-07-17]

Your site has such a great list of anime events I would like to see if we can be added to your listings.[David Solomon Rodriguez, producer of the off-Broadway play The Jaded Assassin [Gone] 2007-02-14]

This was exactly what I was looking for but wasn’t finding…[visitor 2006-05-17]

Thank you for your great site, it has greatly helped me in finding and posting anime events.[“Smokey the Balrog”, moderator AnimeNYC Yahoo! Group 2004-01-15]

…I just wanted to say ‘thanks.’ I’ve been trying for almost a week to get ahold of someone here who knows anything about when/where this club meets! Can you believe I actually came to NYU looking for an anime club, and couldn’t find it? Well anyway, thanks so much for listing the when/where on your site![NYU student 2003-11-11]

I was searching the web for anime sites to contact and yours was the first that was really thorough and up to date on anime events.[Manager of Games and James (later Otakuden, now closed) anime store 2003-10-29]

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Anime events

This section is for anime-related events, including club meetings, that are less frequent than weekly
For regular weekly club meetings, see Clubs
For non-anime-related Japanese cultural events (both pop culture and “high” culture), see Japanese cultural events and resources

2015-09-10 19:00 NYC Anime Meetup (Thursday)
The regular monthly meeting of the NYC Anime Meetup Group is normally scheduled for the 2nd Thursday in each month
On the 2nd floor near the W 31st St entrance in Café R, 116 W 32nd St btw 6th & 7th Ave, New York NY 10001 map, +1-212-695-9550
Free admission, but free membership and RSVP required, and Café R reportedly has a $5 minimum order

2015-09-23 19:00 NYC Manga Meetup (Wednesday)
The regular monthly meeting of the NYC Manga & Comics Meetup Group is normally scheduled for the 4th Wednesday in each month
On the 2nd floor near the W 31st St entrance in Café R, 116 W 32nd St btw 6th & 7th Ave, New York NY 10001 map, +1-212-695-9550
Free admission, but free membership and RSVP required, and Café R reportedly has a $5 minimum order
See the invitations (.pdf, 319 KB)
The NYC Manga Meetup now holds its monthly meeting jointly with the NYC Toy and Model Kit Meetup

2015-10-08 19:00 NYC Anime Meetup [Unconfirmed] (Thursday)
The regular monthly meeting of the NYC Anime Meetup Group is normally scheduled for the 2nd Thursday in each month; it will likely shift this month becuse of New York Comic Con (NYCC)
On the 2nd floor near the W 31st St entrance in Café R, 116 W 32nd St btw 6th & 7th Ave, New York NY 10001 map, +1-212-695-9550
Free admission, but free membership and RSVP required, and Café R reportedly has a $5 minimum order

New York Comic Con (NYCC) banner
2015-10-08–11 New York Comic Con (NYCC) (Thursday–Sunday)
Annual comic con, now fully incorporating the New York Anime Festival (NYAF)
Most recently held 2014-10-09–12
Presented by Reed Exhibitions
At the Jacob K Javits Convention Center, 655 W 34th St (btw W 34th & 40th St & btw 11th & 12th Ave), New York NY 10001-1114 map (see Javits Center directions)
Previous years’ cost varied enormously, based on date purchased, days of attendance, & status (creator, professional, educator, etc.)
See the NYCC Facebook page, Twitter feed, Flickr gallery, YouTube channel, and newsletter
See Medium at Large, official blog of the New York Comic Con (NYCC)
See the 2011 NYCC & NYAF Photo Gallery; see photos of NYCC 2007, NYCC 2008, & NYCC 2009 by Ifurita Oni; see photo galleries for more NYCC/NYAF photo galleries
Outdated resources: NYAF Youtube videos [Stale] & NYAF Myspace page [Stale]
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2015-10-28 19:00 NYC Manga Meetup (Wednesday)
The regular monthly meeting of the NYC Manga & Comics Meetup Group is normally scheduled for the 4th Wednesday in each month
On the 2nd floor near the W 31st St entrance in Café R, 116 W 32nd St btw 6th & 7th Ave, New York NY 10001 map, +1-212-695-9550
Free admission, but free membership and RSVP required, and Café R reportedly has a $5 minimum order
See the invitations (.pdf, 319 KB)
The NYC Manga Meetup now holds its monthly meeting jointly with the NYC Toy and Model Kit Meetup

2015-11-12 19:00 NYC Anime Meetup (Thursday)
The regular monthly meeting of the NYC Anime Meetup Group is normally scheduled for the 2nd Thursday in each month
On the 2nd floor near the W 31st St entrance in Café R, 116 W 32nd St btw 6th & 7th Ave, New York NY 10001 map, +1-212-695-9550
Free admission, but free membership and RSVP required, and Café R reportedly has a $5 minimum order

2015-11-25 19:00 NYC Manga Meetup [Unconfirmed] (Wednesday)
The regular monthly meeting of the NYC Manga & Comics Meetup Group is normally scheduled for the 4th Wednesday in each month, but may shift this month due to Thanksgiving
On the 2nd floor near the W 31st St entrance in Café R, 116 W 32nd St btw 6th & 7th Ave, New York NY 10001 map, +1-212-695-9550
Free admission, but free membership and RSVP required, and Café R reportedly has a $5 minimum order
See the invitations (.pdf, 319 KB)
The NYC Manga Meetup now holds its monthly meeting jointly with the NYC Toy and Model Kit Meetup

2016 Sailor Moon Gala [Unconfirmed]
Date and venue to be determined
Page updated 2015-04-27
Potentially featuring dancing, live entertainment, vendors, food, and Sailor Moon screenings
By the organizers of Senshi Matsuri NYC, the Sailor Moon festival first and most recently held 2013-06-30 (Sunday) in Chelsea; see 2013 Facebook event page and home page [Page expired]

2016-03? SpringFest (Saturday & Sunday?)
Annual anime mini-convention
Most recently held 2014-03-15–16
Not held in 2015
First held about 2000
Presented by the Polytechnic Anime Society (PAS), the anime club for the Brooklyn campus of Polytechnic Institute of NYU
In Rogers Hall, Jacobs Building, & Dibner Building, 6 Metrotech Ctr, Brooklyn NY 11201-3840 map (see Brooklyn campus directions)

2016-03-18–20 Lunacon (Friday–Sunday?)
Annual convention of the New York Science Fiction Society, usually held on the 3rd weekend in March
Most recently held 2014-03-14–16
Not held in 2015
New York’s longest running fan convention, first held 1957
Lunacon apparently had the first dedicated anime room at a US regional con in 1983, and they have had one almost every year since
See their 2014 anime flyer (.pdf, 452 KB)
At the Hilton Westchester (formerly the Hilton Rye Town), 699 Westchester Ave, Rye Brook NY 10573-2821 map
(see Lunacon directions & Hilton Westchester maps & directions), +1-914-939-6300
2014 registration adult $60, child $30; group rates available

2016-05? East Meadow Public Library Anime Fest (EMCon) (Friday–Sunday?)
Annual spring anime con held since 2011
Most recently held 2015-05-15–17
“Long Island Best Anime Fest Convention”
See the EMCon Facebook page
On Long Island at East Meadow Library, 1886 Front St, East Meadow NY 11554 map
Free admission

Japanese cultural events and resources

[This section is for selected non-anime-related events & resources involving Japanese culture, both popular culture and “high” culture, with emphasis on items of interest to anime fans, manga fans, and gamers, and films from Japan or about the Japanese; for anime-related events, see Anime events.]

Cultural event listings

Complete NYC Calendar for Japanese Film Screenings
Maintained by the Japan Foundation New York
In practice, this does not seem very complete

Cultural Events
An outstanding list maintained by the Consulate-General of Japan in New York
Organizations can submit events to appear here
(Note: url has changed; former url was [Gone])

Subway Cinema News [Stale]
Your Guide to Asian Entertainment in NYC and Beyond.
Apparently last updated 2012-01-12
An older version of the site, last updated May 2008, is still up here: [Stale]

Cultural events

Cultural resources

aozora NYC
Japanese Culture, Arts, Music, Food, People and More in NYC

Asia Society
725 Park Ave at 70th St, New York NY 10021-5025 map (see About the New York Center Asia Society for directions), +1-212-288-6400

Chopsticks New York
The Most Convenient and Comprehensive Resource For All Things Japanese in New York!

Columbia Japan Society (CJS)
Among other activities, CJS presents Matsuri at Columbia in the spring, next Friday 2015-03-27, most recently Friday 2014-03-28
See the CJS Facebook page

Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture
of Columbia University “is dedicated to advancing the understanding of Japan and its culture in the United States through university instruction, research, and public education.
The Center hosts exhibits, lectures, and special events, which I do not attempt fully to document on this page; refer to their site
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Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden
In Westchester County
28 Deveau Rd, North Salem NY 10560-2115 map (see the directions to Hammond Museum), +1-914-669-5033

Henry Smith’s home page
Professor Henry D. Smith II, Ph.D. teaches Japanese History at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute (WEAI) at Columbia University, and is faculty director of the Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture
The site features copyrighted essays, articles, and books in electronic form, written or edited by Smith, about Japanese history and language. These include detailed discussion of the Chushingura (47 Ronin) incident, a November 2005 report on Japanese electronic dictionaries, and discussion of Smith’s book Learning from Shogun (1975) amazon about the James Clavell novel Shogun (1975) amazon Wikipedia and its relation to real Japanese history
At the Anime Symposium at the Japan Society in January 1999, Dr. Smith gave a fine talk on the cultural and historical background of Miyazaki Hayao’s anime film Princess Mononoke [Mononoke Hime] (Japan, 1997, 134 min) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos; unfortunately, this site does not include that talk or anything else about anime

Japan Society
333 E 47th St (btw 1st & 2nd Ave), New York NY 10017-2301 map (see Japan Society visitor information for directions), +1-212-832-1155, box office +1-212-715-1270
The Japan Society hosts exhibits, lectures, and special events, which I do not attempt fully to document on this page; refer to their site
The Society has a multimedia page with full-length event videos, a YouTube page, & a Facebook page
The multimedia page includes a full-length video of Dan Pink’s “Adventures in Manga,” a presentation given on 2008-10-06
(Note the site url is now The old url no longer works)

Japanese Resources in NYC
By the JET Alumni Association of New York
(JET is the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme)

New York City Japanese Language Meetup Group
Meets about once per month; $10 per member annual fee

New York Japanese Culture Meetup Group
Weekly japanese language study group
Meets Thursdays in Citigroup Center’s lower level atrium, 153 E 53rd St btw Lexington & 3rd Ave, New York NY 10022 map

New York-Tokyo (NYT)
“New York-Tokyo is online fashion news + creative agency to connect NY, Tokyo, and global market”
NYT formerly presented major and minor events related to Japanese pop culture, including anime, live-action film, gaming, music, and robots; their current focus is art + design, fashion, and sports
See Facebook page
580 Broadway, New York NY 10012 map +1-212-965-6751 [Address & phone might not be current]

Weatherhead East Asian Institute (WEAI)
At Columbia University
420 W 118th St (at Amsterdam Ave), International Affairs Bldg, 9th Fl, Mail Code 3333, New York NY 10027-7235 map, +1-212-854-2592; see WEAI directions

Anime clubs

This section lists anime-related clubs, associations, & meetup groups, and provides general information (if available) about their meetings & events
For detailed information about specific events that are less frequent than weekly, see Events

Animated Perspectives
Official animation club of the State University of New York at Stony Brook (SUNY-SB) aka Stony Brook University, 100 Nicolls Rd, Stony Brook NY 11794 map on Long Island, +1-631-632-6000; see SUNY-SB directions & SUNY-SB campus maps.
The club has a forum [Stale] where the last substantive posts were in Spring 2008
Old site [Gone] last updated 2008-10-08
There was reportedly a newer site and forum at [Gone] as of 2008-10-08

Anime Alliance
formerly the Atlantic Anime Alliance, is (was?) a club of clubs, which organizes (organized?) activities such as the New York City Anime Tour (NYCAT), although that activity seemed to be taken over by the Rutgers JCA [Japanese Cultural Association]
There was an old Anime Alliance site [Gone], which evidently had not been touched after July 1999; previously at [Gone]
Here are photos of the Atlantic Anime Alliance Picnic 1998

Anime Game Tech
The anime and gaming club of Middlesex County College (MCC)
See Facebook page & Facebook group page
At Middlesex County College (MCC), 2600 Woodbridge Ave, Edison NJ 08837-3604 map (see maps and directions for Middlesex County College), +1-732-548-6000
Old web address [Repurposed] formerly redirected to

at the New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury campus, Northern Blvd, PO Box 8000, Old Westbury NY 11568-8000, +1-516-686-7516

Anime Meetup New York
A page for New York anime fans to arrange online to meet in person
Meetings are normally scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of each month at 19:00; occasionally, additional meetings are scheduled

Anime Syndicate [Web site gone]
is (was?) the new name for the Queens College Science Fiction and Animation Club, formerly known as Bukimi Anime
This bare-bones, undated page had some contact and location information, no schedule, and the following mesage: “Welcome to our really old website. There is no new site at the moment. Thank you for your interest in our club.
Bukimi Anime used to hold its normal meetings every other Monday at noon

is a Yahoo! group page for New York City anime fans and events
( [Gone] formerly redirected to

Band of the Hawk
A group that, in cooperation with Gaimova (formerly Game Over Channel), presents anime, cosplay, gaming, and karaoke parties, typically on Sunday evenings one or more times per month
Parties have been suspended due to issues with the venue
See the Band of the Hawk Facebook page
The most recent party was 2014-10-12
Typically at Radio Star Karaoke,
3 W 35th St btw 5th & 6th Ave, New York NY 10001 map, +1-212-564-2520
Most parties are for adults only (21 and over)

Bronx Science Anime Club
The anime club of the Bronx High School of Science, 75 Bronx Science Blvd (W 205th St btw Paul & Goulden Ave), Bronx, NY 10468-1052 map, +1-718-817-7700
Meets (met?) on Tuesdays
Former sites were [Stale], [Gone], & [Gone]

Brooklyn College Anime & Manga Corps [Stale]

Bushido Anime Club
is (was?) the anime club of Lehman College in the Bronx.
Club email is (was?)
Club web site was [Gone]
The club held the first Lehman College Cosplay Party, called Ransegan, on 2007-11-29

Columbia University Anime Club (CUAC) [Site down]
Fall term 2014 meetings ran 2014-09-11–12-04
The club meets weekly on Thursdays at 21:00, typically in the West Ramp lounge in Alfred Lerner Hall, 2920 Broadway (SE of corner of W 115th St), New York NY 10027-7004 map, +1-212-854-9067
In addition to the weekly meetings, the club also presents semi-annual movie screenings, like the screening of the Cowboy Bebop movie on 2013-12-07
You must have a current valid Columbia University ID, or a photo ID and someone with Columbia ID to sign you in, to enter Lerner Hall
Redirection: redirects to
The club has a Facebook group page [Stale], apparently last updated September 2011

Formerly Game Over Channel
A group that, in cooperation with Band of the Hawk, presents anime, cosplay, gaming, and karaoke parties, typically on Sunday evenings one or more times per month
Parties have been suspended due to issues with the venue
See the Gaimova Facebook page & Gaimova Facebook events
The most recent party was 2014-10-12
Typically at Radio Star Karaoke,
3 W 35th St btw 5th & 6th Ave, New York NY 10001 map, +1-212-564-2520
Most parties are for adults only (21 and over)
The group formerly had a different Facebook page here: [Gone]

Heart of Anime [Gone]
is (was?) one of the anime clubs at Stuyvesant High School, 345 Chambers St, New York NY 10282-1000 map, +1-212-312-4800
The club meets twice a week
Another anime club at Stuyvesant is Neo Gokuraku

Hudson Heights Anime Club
meets on Monday nights in Hudson Heights, near 187th St & Broadway map
A record of their screenings 2005-02-21–09-26 was here: [Gone]
(The club formerly had a site here: [Gone])

Japanese Anime Asylum (JAA)
The anime club of Baruch College of the City University of New York (CUNY) in Manhattan
The club reportedly meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30–2:20 in room 12-135 in the Vertical Campus
At Baruch College, One Bernard Baruch Way (55 Lexington Ave at E 24th St), New York NY 10010-5585 map
Reportedly meets every Tuesday and Thursday in VC [Vertical Campus] 12135 12:30–14:30
The club holds an annual spring anime mini-con called Baruch Anime Asylum Convention (BAACon)
BAACon 2013 is Friday 2013-04-12
The first BAACon was in 2010, the most recent was 2012-05-11
Contact emails are &
See the Japanese Anime Asylum (JAA) Facebook group page,
another JAA Facebook group page (which seems mostly empty);
JAA Twitter [Stale] most recent tweet was 2011-08-24;
JapAnime Asylum Google+ page (nothing shared publicly); &
JAA Flickr photo page [Stale] most recent photo posted 2012-02-17
The club is listed in Baruch student clubs
The old web sites,,,, & are missing or inactive

Metro Anime club banner
Metro Anime
The club has a Facebook group, Flickr photo gallery, a Twitter account, and a Google calendar
The club is also an active on-line entity with mailing lists
Upcoming events:
For details of any upcoming events, see “Anime Events”
Many Metro Anime informal member gatherings are organized and announced using the Metro Anime social (MA-SOC) email list and/or the Metro Anime Facebook group; some also appear on the Metro Anime events page
No regular Metro Anime hosted events are currently scheduled; the regular venues we used have closed, and we have not yet found new ones
For details about de-scheduled Metro Anime hosted screening events, see De-scheduled events on the Metro Anime events page
Past events:
2014-10-25: Special free 20th anniversary screening of Macross Plus/a>
Special free screening of Robot Carnival
2014-01-25: Special free screening of Memories
2013-12-28: Meet & eat holiday social event
2013-11-17: Special free screening of Akira
2013-08-10: Special free screening of Momotarō’s Sea Eagle
Through April 2012, Metro Anime hosted Sunday anime screenings once or twice a month
Through February 2011, the club also hosted gaming meetings on one Saturday per month
Metro Anime has had quasi-annual summer picnics, quasi-annual winter holiday parties, & quasi-semi-annual hosted Sunday manga swaps
The club hosted special presentations at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) as part of MoCCA’s former series “MoCCA Mondays;” (MoCCA is now part of the Society of Illustrators)
The most recent regular hosted screening was 2012-04-15; the most recent hosted gaming meeting was 2011-02-18; the most recent hosted irregular screening was the Rumiko Takahashi Fest on 2011-03-27; the 5th and most recent quasi-annual holiday party (held instead of a December anime screening) was 2011-12-18; the most recent hosted MoCCA presentation was 2007-12-10; the most recent quasi-annual picnic and barbecue was 2011-08-13; & the most recent (first and only) manga swap event was 2007-07-15 (one was scheduled for 2008-01-06 but cancelled)
Redirection: redirects to
Redirection: formerly redirected to [Gone], then to [Gone], then to [Gone], and then to [Gone]: last updated 2005-08-14
An outdated Metro Anime page was up at [Gone]: last updated 2000-10-23

Mineola Library Anime Clubs
The Mineola Memorial Library on Long Island used to host anime club meetings for adults and for young viewers; I am told they still host anime club meetings for young viewers, but these meetings are not shown on their web site or web calendar
Contact for the young viewers anime club is the Children’s Room, +1-516-746-8488 x319,
At the Mineola Memorial Library, 195 Marcellus Rd, Mineola NY 11501-2413 map, +1-516-746-8488

Neo Gokuraku
is one of the anime clubs at Stuyvesant High School, 345 Chambers St, New York NY 10282-1000 map, +1-212-312-4800
The club meets every Thursday and Friday afternoon while school is in session.
The club’s main web presence is the Neo Gokuraku Yahoo! group
Another anime club at Stuyvesant is (was?) Heart of Anime
There was a Neo Gokuraku administrative page [Gone] in the clubs section of the Stuyvesant site
There is an old site still up for Neo Gokuraku at [Stale], apparently last updated June 2001; also an old bulletin board [Stale]

NYC Cosplayer Network!

NYU Club Anime [Stale]
Apparently last updated summer or early fall 2012
This club meets (met?) 19:00–22:00 Thursdays in the Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Student Life, New York University, 60 Washington Square South (W 4th St) btw La Guardia Pl & Thompson St, New York NY 10012-1019 map.
See the web site for a schedule of meetings with specific dates and room numbers.

North Jersey Anime and Manga
is a group based in Hackensack, New Jersey

Otaku Army
A Yahoo! group page for anime fans in the Northeast
Has many members, activities, and links in New York City

Parsons Anime Screening Society (PASS)
Associated with the Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, PASS holds (held?) two or three screenings per month most months, and none in the months of June, July, and August
Screenings are (were?) in the Parsons Auditorium
Parsons Auditorium is at 66 5th Ave, New York NY 10011-8802 map, “the building with the glass doors, and the auditorium is all the way in the back, to the left
(PASS had a web site, which seems to be gone: [Gone])

PAS ([Brooklyn NYU] Polytechnic Anime Society)
See Facebook page
PAS is the anime club for the Brooklyn campus of Polytechnic Institute of NYU. PAS’ office is in room RH010 in the basement of Rogers Hall, 6 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn NY 11201-3840 map (see Brooklyn campus directions)
Meets Wednesday evenings in Rogers Hall (RH) 702 from 6pm to 8pm
In addition to regular meetings, PAS holds an annual spring anime con called SpringFest, most recently on 2014-03-15–16; & an annual fall anime con called PAS-Con, most recently on 2011-12-03
PAS is (was?) considered the sister organization of the Columbia University Anime Club.
Many Polytechnic students have anime-related pages.
A former PAS web address now redirects to another former PAS site [Empty]
An older PAS site was at [Gone]
The former Unofficial site of PAS by Calvin “Clam” Lam, apparently last updated 2001-08-09, was at [Gone] [Gone] formerly redirected to [Stripped], which was the PAS forum.
A former temporary PAS page was at [Gone]

Pratt Anime Club
At the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn(?) campus, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205-3817 map (see Pratt directions), +1-718-636-3600

Quest Anime [Gone]
on hiatus until September [2004]”, is (was?) the anime club of the School of Visual Arts at 209 E 23rd St (at 3rd Ave), New York NY 10010-3901 map, +1-212-592-2000.
Meets (formerly met?) regularly on Friday nights while school is in session, according to my sources, though their site no longer says so
The club formerly had a web page at [Gone]

RIT Anime Club
Presents regular screenings on Mondays, Thursdays, & Fridays, as well as special events
At the Rochester Institute of Technology, 1 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester NY 14623-5603 map (see RIT directions & maps), +1-585-475-2411
(The old url now redirects to the new url

Rutgers Anime Club [Gone]
Previously at [Gone]
This content looked old; check out Rutgers JVCA instead

Rutgers Japanese Visual Culture Association (JVCA)
The anime club of Rutgers University, formerly known as Rutgers Japanese Cultural Association (RUJCA, JCA)
Holds (held?) screenings Fridays 19:00–23:00 in Campbell Hall
The club has a Facebook group
In Campbell Hall, College Avenue Campus, Rutgers University, 629 George St, New Brunswick NJ 08901 map (see Rutgers New Brunswick campus directions).
Events presented by JCA in the past included the annual(?) spring SakuraFest fair and the twice-yearly New York City Anime Tour (NYCAT)
Redirection: redirects to
Outdated JCA resources include
RUJCA Yahoo! group [Stale], final update (announced as final) on 2005-09-16
ezboard forum [Stale], last substantive update apparently in 2004 [Gone], formerly redirected to [Gone] [Gone], last updated 2002-02-27 [Stale], last updated in 1999
JCA-Soc Mailing List [Gone], previously at [Gone]

Sailor Moon NYC Meetup
A new meetup group
Their first meetup was 2012-08-04 in Bryant Park

Sci-Fi Gaming and Animation (SGA) Club
Club at the City College of New York (CCNY)
Overview of clubs at CCNY

Stevens Anime Club
The anime club of the Stevens Institute of Technology, Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken NJ 07030-5991, +1-201-216-5000
The club has (had?) showings at 21:00 (almost) every Friday night at 570 River St at 6th St, Hoboken NJ 07030 map
The club held a Halloween 100 Stories Marathon on 2007-10-26
The club also presents the annual Castle Point Anime Convention (CPAC); the first was 2008-04-13; the next is 2012-04-01
One of the few school-related anime clubs that has showings during the summer
In the past, they’ve often held an all-night showing in the spring
Redirection: redirects to
Older urls (web addresses) include [Inaccessible] [Gone]

Sushi Brigade: An Eastern Culture Society [Stale]
Site apparently last updated 2011-01-31
A public club in southern New Jersey for people who enjoy anime, manga, video games, film, music, cosplay, and eastern pop culture

Teaneck Public Library Anime Club
This club is held (was held?) once (almost) every month starting 2006-03-20 for anime screenings and discussion, usually on a Monday evening
At the Teaneck Public Library, 840 Teaneck Rd at Cedar Ln, Teaneck NJ 07666-4502 map (see library directions)
The most recent meeting was apparently 2011-12-05
See Teaneck library calendar for meeting time and any other details
The club is (was?) for teens 13 and up; registration is not required
For more information, call the Children’s Department at +1-201-837-4171 extension 3
The library has also hosted special anime events, including Anime Trivia Night on Tuesday 2007-10-16
The library also has an older calendar, which seems mostly abandoned

Photo galleries

Anime Expo New York (AXNY) 2002 galleries: [Gone] (mixed in with photos of the Big Apple Anime Fest)

AnimeJutsu A project by Gordon of Anime Game Tech, AnimeJutsu is a social site for anime fans, mostly devoted to photo sharing. Fans can set up their own galleries and upload photos here.
Includes photos from AnimeNEXT 2006, AnimeNEXT 2007, MangaNEXT 2007, Cosplay Day at Kinokuniya (2008-08-17), and more.

AniMiniCon SoHo 2010 photos [Gone]

Anna Fischer’s cosplay photos on Flickr

Atlantic Anime Alliance Picnic 1998 photos

Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) 2002: 2002 Pics 1 [Gone], 2002 Pics 2 [Gone], & 2002 Pics 3 [Gone];
more at Ng-Master BAAF photos

ConPix is my massive site of pictures taken at anime conventions and other anime-fan-related events.
NYC area content includes MALL (Metro Anime Lending Library) Party 1999, Sakura Matsuri Brooklyn 2000, Shoujocon 2000, & Matsuri on 47th Street 2000.

Fan’s View (Kevin Lillard) Kevin Lillard’s pictures and reports on anime conventions, including NYC area conventions AnimeNEXT 2002, 2004, 2005, & 2006, & the New York Anime Festival (NYAF) 2007.
These photos were formerly posted at Kevin’s site A Fan’s View [Gone]

Fly By Night Design [Stale]
A site by Terry Chu (alias Doc the Stampede) of “anything media related.
It includes Terry’s numerous fine pictures of several anime conventions from 2000–2001, and “preview” pictures of conventions from 2002–2004
Apparently last updated in 2005
Terry also has a blog, Say, What Chu Looking At?, which is up to date and occasionally mentions anime

GD Employee GD Employee is Dan, member of the Metro Anime club.
This Flickr gallery includes photos of AnimeNEXT 2007, AnimeNEXT 2008, I-Con 2010, New York Anime Festival (NYAF) & New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2010, and the Metro Anime 2010 Holiday Party

Ifurita Oni Ifurita Oni is Bree, member of the Metro Anime club.
This Flickr gallery includes photos of I-CON 2007, Sakura Matsuri 2007, New York Anime Festival 2007, & New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2007–2009

Metro Anime photos The official Flickr photo gallery of the Metro Anime club

New York Anime Festival (NYAF) Cosplay (2007)

New York Anime Festival (NYAF) Photo Gallery (2007)

New York Anime Festival (NYAF) Photo Gallery (2008)

New York Anime Festival (NYAF) & New York Comic Con (NYCC) Photo Gallery (2010)

New York Anime Festival (NYAF) & New York Comic Con (NYCC) Photo Gallery (2011)

Ng-Master Ng-Master is David Ng.
This Coppermine gallery includes photos of area anime conventions & other area anime-related events, including Anime Expo New York (AXNY) 2002; AnimeNEXT 2003–2007 (David was the official photographer); Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) 2001–2003; I-Con 2001, 2002, & 2004–2007; New York Anime Festival (NYAF) 2007; New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2006 & 2007; & Sakura Matsuri 2006



Clyde’s Anime Reviews
Originally appeared on the now-defunct Anime Colony site [Stripped] of New York City-based USA Network’s Sci-Fi Channel

Peter Hernandez (ManNime) of Newark does video reviews of anime and manga; this is his YouTube channel
He also has a Facebook page & a Twitter feed


Abby Denson’s Official Website
(formerly called ABBYMANIA!!!!!)
Sshows off some of manga-lover Abby’s anime-inspired comics
This is the relatively new domain and url replacing the old url [Gone]

Enrico Casarosa’s Portfolio
Showcases Enrico’s fine art, some of it anime-inspired

Estrigious Studio
Estrigious (the name is from STGS, Sparkle Twinkle Glitter Shine) consists of 3 artists (Melissa “Mel” DeJesus, Rebecca “Becky” Cloonan, & Risa “Hwan” Cho) who create cool art, much of it anime-inspired
Estrigious used to consist of 5 artists including Jen Lee Quick & Alana “A.Ro” Roberts
Their link page points to other pages by artists and art groups, many of them New York City-based

Felaxx’s Gallery
Site of artist Amy Kim Ganter

Jen Lee Quick’s gallery
A deviantart gallery
Jen formerly had the site FuzzyFeather [Gone]

Mustard Seed Comics
Manga-style comics


Soldats is a fan subtitling team, now apparently dormant, including at least 3 New-York-City-based members
The news page was last updated 2008-07-11. The most recent forum post is dated 2010-04-07


Japanese food

Japanese Grocery Stores [Web address changed]
Fine list of Japanese grocery stores in the New York Area by the Consulate General of Japan in New York.
This is a relatively new url; the old url was [Gone]

Japanese restaurants
CitySearch’s list of Japanese restaurants in New York City

Japanese restaurants
A no-frills list of Japanese restaurants in the greater New York area from Telephone Guide, “English & Japanese Bilingual Online Telephone Directory of the USA

Japanese/Sushi restaurants
A list of reviews in New York magazine

Maid Cafe NY
In Chinatown at 150 Centre St at Walker St, New York NY 10013 map, +1-212-966-3838 (same address and phone as Mika Japanese Cuisine)
Open Saturday 11:30–20:30; Sunday 11:30–19:00; Monday 11:30–20:30
Facebook page
Twitter feed
Redirection: redirects to

Otafuku x Medetai
Otafuku offers authentic Japanese okonomiyaki Wikipedia at reasonable prices
I do not normally list individual restaurants or food stores, but this seems to me a special case
220 E 9th St (btw 2nd and 3rd Ave), New York NY 10003 map, +1-646-998-3438

Anime shopping guides

Anime/Manga Shopper’s Guide to New York City [Very stale]
Last updated 1997-09-17
One of the later copies of the classic guide by the late Steve “Otaking” Pearl that was updated frequently through most of the 1990s

aozora NYC [Stale]
Japanese Culture, Arts, Music, Food, People and More in NYC

Blue Shinra Project: Reeve’s Northeast Corridor J-Pop Shopping Guide
Shopping guide for anime and other Japanese merchandise; seems pretty good and comprehensive
Updated October 2010

Japanese video rental in NYC [Stale]
A very short list by aozora NYC

Manga Chase, New York City [Stale]
Ed Sindelar’s detailed reviews of a few select stores for buying manga. The poor guy missed Book-Off, though
Last update 2003-04-26

Manga in NYC [Stale]
A very short list with almost entirely outdated info, by aozora NYC

New York City Anime Guide [Very stale]
A years-old archive copy of Ralph’s great guide, last updated Autumn 1998
Originally posted at, which domain is now used for this current New York City Anime page; formerly redirected to [Gone]

“Rummaging for Japanese Comics & Toys” [Slightly stale]
The 2008-04-10 Time Out New York article featuring Clyde Adams III, your humble webmaster

Anime vendors

Akean Video
Japanese video store
Inside JAS Mart, 35 St Marks Pl (E 8th St) btw 2nd & 3rd Ave, New York NY 10003 map, +1-212-420-6370

Anime Castle
See the Facebook page
Anime Castle is a physical store on Long Island and an extensive online store; it claims to have the “largest selection of Anime Merchandise in New York City
Long Island Warehouse/Showroom, 77 Searing Ave, Mineola NY 11501-3027 map, +1-516-214-4484
Queens Store, 35-32 Union St, Flushing NY 11354 map, +1-347-438-1296,
Web site revamped Spring 2004
Anime Castle had an anime social networking site
They formerly used for a collection of anime links; after that, it was apparently a video sharing site; now it is a a site showing streams of 12 selected anime shows, apparently all English-dubbed; apparently a kind of limited (and limiting) front end for hulu; hulu actually hosts and streams the video

Axeice Anime
Anime merchandise shop of Phlex Umoya
At 214 E 161st St, Bronx NY 10451 map, +1-718-640-5142
Open irregularly; check page for open days

Banzai “99 cent plus” stores are franchised by the Japanese chain of Banzai 100-yen stores. Their shop information shows 7 Banzai stores in Queens, 1 in Brooklyn, and 3 in New Jersey selling low-priced Japanese products

Be Beautiful Manga
Publisher and online store specializing in Yaoi

The number-one area store for used manga.
Manhattan: 49 W 45th St (btw 5th & 6th Ave), New York NY 10036 map, +1-212-685-1410.
Open 10:00–20:00.
(The new Manhattan store opened on 2010-04-17; the former Manhattan store at 14 E 41st St closed as of 2010-03-20)
Westchester: 1-15 N Central Ave at Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale NY 10530 map, +1-914-683-5440.
I don’t know whether this Westchester store is still open; it’s not on the web site; call first

Bulletproof Comics & Games
A comic book store that sells manga
See their Facebook page
2178 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn NY 11210-3024 map (main location), +1-718-434-1800
4507 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn NY 11219-2411 map, +1-718-854-3367
8109 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn NY 11236 map, +1-718-531-6415

Chameleon Comics & Cards
A comic book store that sells manga, anime, and anime-related merchandise
See the short anime/japanime page on their site
3 Maiden Ln Ste 1 (nr Broadway), New York NY 10038-4008 map, +1-212-587-1603 or +1-212-587-3411

D & V Import
One of many stores (mostly without web sites) in Chinatown that sell anime videos and music.
Under Construction Web Site Opening Soon !
210 Canal St (btw Baxter & Mulberry St), New York NY 10013-4155 map, +1-212-227-2212
60 Mott St (btw Canal & Bayard St), New York NY 10013-4811 map (non-deliverable address), +1-212-791-3391
Reportedly used the web address [Gone] that (as far as I know) never had any content

Forbidden Planet NYC
A long-lasting (25+ years) and well-regarded store selling science fiction, fantasy, and comics; it offers an exceptionally good selection of manga, as well as anime DVDs & anime-related soundtracks, art books, figurines, and posters
See their blog, The Daily Planet
832 Broadway btw E 12th & 13th St, New York NY 10003 map
+1-212-475-6161, email
Formerly located a short distance away on the same block, at 840 Broadway on the SE corner of E 13th & Broadway
There was another web site [Gone] that (as far as I know) never had any content

Japanese DVD, Manga, & Internet cafe
129 E 47th St btw Lexington & 3rd Ave, New York NY 10017 map, +1-212-827-0502
Open Monday–Friday 10:00–24:00, Saturday 10:30–24:00, Sunday 11:00–22:00

HQ Video
Japanese video sales and rental
21 W 45th St Fl 2 (btw 5th & 6th Ave), New York NY 10036-4908 map, +1-212-221-0027
Supposedly had the web site [Empty]

Image Anime
See the Facebook page
Image Anime (once known as Hyper Hobby) sells anime merchandise in their store and online
242 W 30th St (btw 7th & 8th Ave), New York NY 10001 map (see info for directions; note this is a the new address as of August 2007), +1-212-631-0966, open Monday–Friday 11:00–19:00, Saturday 12:00–18:00 is a Yahoo! store site with an alias or mirror at
( formerly redirected to, which itself now redirects to

Japan Flix
Japan Flix streams Japanese movies, including anime
They are partnered with NYC-based anime publisher Media Blasters
Japan Flix has a Facebook page & a Twitter feed

JBC Books
Probably the number-two area store for used manga (it is a poor second to Book-Off, though)
725 River Rd #33, Edgewater NJ 07020-1149 map, +1-201-941-4417, a couple of blocks from Mitsuwa Marketplace
Open daily 11:00–19:00

Jim Hanley’s Universe
A comic book store that sells manga.
Manhattan: 32 E 32nd St btw 5th & Madison Ave, New York NY 10016-5503 map, +1-212-268-7088, open Tuesday–Saturday 09:00–23:00, Sunday & Monday 11:00–21:30
(This Manhattan address is new as of 2013-05-01; the previous address was 4 W 33rd St)
Staten Island: 299B New Dorp Ln btw Edison & Clawson St, Staten Island NY 10306-3005 map, +1-718-351-6299, open 7 days 12:00–21:00
(This Staten Island address is new as of 2010; the previous address was 325 New Dorp Ln)

Kidrobot New York
Sells toys, many inspired by anime.
118 Prince St (btw Wooster & Greene St), New York NY 10012 map, +1-212-966-6688

Kim’s Video & Music
Sells foreign & domestic video including anime
124 1st Ave btw E 7th St & St Marks Pl (E 8th St), New York NY 10009 map, +1-212-533-7390
Open 7 days 10:00–24:00
Displayed this message for years: “Temporarily down for maintenance. We’ll be back up shortly.
Had 4 locations in the NYC area, now only one plus their online store
Redirection: redirects to

Kinokuniya Bookstores
See the Facebook page
1073 6th Ave (btw 40th & 41st St), New York NY 10018 (main NYC store) map, +1-212-869-1700, open Monday–Saturday 10:00–20:00, Sunday 11:00–19:30
3360 Palisades Center Dr, West Nyack NY 10994-6603 map, +1-845-353-6600
(Note that the area Kinokuniya stores at the following addresses have closed:
595 River Road #B-101, in Mitsuwa Marketplace, formerly Yaohan, Edgewater NJ 07020, +1-201-941-7580
10 W 49th St (in Rockefeller Plaza), New York NY 10020-2205, +1-212-765-7766)

Media Blasters
One of New York City’s own anime publishers; they offer streaming sample episodes on the site
See their Facebook page
132 W 36th St 4th Fl, New York NY 10128 map, +1-212-868-0991

Midnight Video
Japanese video store
35 W 43rd St btw 5th & 6th Ave, New York NY 10036 map, +1-212-827-0502

Midtown Comics
A comic book store that sells manga, anime DVDs, and anime-related collectibles
Times Square: 200 W 40th St (at 7th Ave) 2nd & 3rd Fl, New York NY 10018 map
Grand Central: 459 Lexington Ave (at 45th St), New York, NY 10017 map
Downtown: 64 Fulton St (btw Gold St & Cliff St), New York, NY 10038 map
+1-212-302-8192, +1-800-411-3341

Mitsuwa Marketplace
Mitsuwa (formerly Yaohan) is a Japanese shopping center
595 River Rd, Edgewater NJ 07020-1104 map (see Mitsuwa access & Mitsuwa shuttle), +1-201-941-9113
Open 09:30–21:00 daily
The Mitsuwa shuttle operates between Mitsuwa & the Port Authority in Manhattan
Mitsuwa can also be reached via New Jersey Transit from the Port Authority (158) or from 175th St in Manhattan (188); details on the Mitsuwa shuttle page
Mitsuwa shuttle fare (cash only) is $3, $2 for children under 14 & seniors 60 & over, free for infants
Free Mitsuwa shuttle service is conditionally available on Wednesdays & Thursdays; see link for details

OCS Bookstore
Japanese book store that sells some manga
5 E 44th St (btw 5th & Madison Ave), New York NY 10017-3607 map, +1-212-599-5886

Roger’s Time Machine
A comic book store that sells manga
See the Facebook page
207 W 14th St Fl 2 btw 7th & 8th Ave, New York NY 10011 map, +1-212-691-0380

Samurai Japanese Outlet Store [Site missing]
Has stores in Queens (and Brooklyn?) and sells all kinds of Japanese products
107-50 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills NY 11375, +1-718-261-1515
3108-10 Steinway St, Astoria NY 11103, +1-718-278-1434
92-03 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights NY 11372, +1-718-205-3836
136-41 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing NY 11354, +1-718-381-1283

Sanseido Bookstore
595 River Rd #120, Edgewater NJ 07020-1104
In Mitsuwa shopping center map (see Mitsuwa location & Mitsuwa shuttle),
Open 10:00–20:00 daily

St. Mark’s Comics
A comic book store that sells manga.
Manhattan: 11 St Mark’s Pl (8th St) btw 2nd & 3rd Ave(Cooper Sq), New York NY 10003 map, +1-212-598-9439, open Monday & Tuesday 10:00–23:00, Wednesday 09:00–13:00, Thursday–Saturday 10:00–13:00, Sunday 11:00–23:00
Brooklyn: 148 Montague St, Brooklyn NY 11201 map, +1-718-935-0911, open Monday & Tuesday 10:00–19:00, Wednesday 09:00–21:00, Thursday–Saturday 10:00–21:00

Toy Tokyo
Sells toys and models, some inspired by anime
91 2nd Ave (btw E 5th & E 7th St), New York NY 10003 map, +1-212-673-5424

Wanpaku USA
Japanese video store
16 E 41st St #2A btw 5th & Madison Ave, New York NY 10017 map, +1-212-686-5560

Yen Press
New York City-based manga publisher

Still more NYC anime sites

Latias Garden
Home page of Detrick V, latiasfan2004
Links to his photos and videos of anime events, and more

Cosplay N.Y.C. Magazine
Free online magazine about cosplay in NYC, started in 2011
See their Facebook page
See their Deviantart site

Brian Camp’s Film and Anime Blog: Flash Gordon meets Cowboy Bebop at Shaolin Temple
Blog by Brian Camp, NYC-based co-author of Anime Classics Zettai!: 100 Must-See Japanese Animation Masterpieces (USA, 2007) amazon

AniMiniCon SoHo [Site stripped]
Annual anime 3-day mini-con started in 2010
Last held 2012-08-10–12
In SoHo at the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art, 138 Sullivan St btw Prince St & W Houston St, New York NY 10001-2321 map, +1-212-228-2810, +1-800-420-5590
2012 registration ranged from $16 to $36 depending on number of days and when purchased
2012 on-site registration was $16 per day
AniMiniCon SoHo has a Facebook page (active) & a Twitter feed [Stale] (last tweet 2012-08-20)
See photos from AniMiniCon SoHo 2010 [Site stripped]

Liberty City Anime Con
Planned NYC anime convention
See their Facebook page, last updated 2012-12-07
They have a Twitter feed (with a single tweet from 2012-07-22 last I checked)
& a YouTube channel (with no videos last I checked)

New York Anime Picnic (NYAP)
NYAP holds a picnic in Central Park in early May, as well as other events
See the Tumblr blog

CosPlay NYC
Online magazine about anime cosplay in NYC
See the Facebook page
See a YouTube video interview with the editor

Say, What Chu Looking At?
Blog of Terry Chu (alias Doc the Stampede), which occasionally mentions anime

NY Anime Life

Nerd York City
Calendar of events in NYC of interest to nerds, including anime-related events
Nerd York City has a Twitter feed

Anime at
“Anime news, reviews, FAQs and interviews from your guide [NYC-based Serdar Yegulalp, member of the Metro Anime club] at”

The blog of Roland Kelts of New York (and Tokyo), author of Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture has Invaded the US (2006) amazon
The blog often discusses anime, manga, and Japanese popular culture in general
Roland also writes a regular column “Soft Power/Hard Tuths” for the Daily Yomiuri

Reni banner
The home page of Mimura Reni, a Japanese pop singer and cosplayer now based in New York
Reni has a home page, a Facebook page (as Reni Mimura), another Facebook page (as Reni Nyan), yet another Facebook page (as Reni-chan), a YouTube channel, a Twitter feed, a Myspace page, a blog, a Google group, & a ReverbNation fan page

Anime Hit
Anime social networking site started and run by folks from the Anime Castle store
The site is up and running, but it is also somewhat under construction
This domain was once used for Anime Castle’s collection of anime links, and then apparently for a video sharing site

Anime-related blog by Alain-Christian

Medium at Large
Official blog of the New York Comic Con (NYCC) that now incorporates the New York Anime Festival (NYAF)
Covers certain anime-related and manga-related events throughout the year

Lawrence Brenner
Among his many other activities, Lawrence cosplays (as Lupin III, as Saito Wikipedia of Section 9 from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, & others)
He also takes and publishes pictures and videos of anime-related activities
Last updated 2009-09-19.
See also his YouTube channel

Something Deeper: Anime, Manga and Comics

JP’s Anime Blog

Anime Angel Blue’s Cosplay
Anime Angel Blue is active in NYO! Cosplay [Gone]

The Anime Girl TV Show [Stale]
A blog about a proposed TV series by a New York producer; last updated 2006-02-08

Ninja Consultant
Anime & manga podcasts by an outstanding reviewer
Redirection: redirects to

corneredangel [Main page now empty]
A personal site with an I love anime” page [Gone] and a LiveJournal with much anime-related content

Yuricon & ALC [AniLesboCon] Publishing
A site celebrating shoujo-ai (girl-love) and yuri
It offers news, an events calendar, merchandise, and a mailing list
Yuricon was a successful convention held on 2003-06-13–15 in Newark, New Jersey. A “Yuri Revolution” tour in Tokyo was held on 2005-04-12–17
The Yuricon site includes a links page which nicely references this New York City Anime page
Redirection: redirects to

Anime License List
Formerly the “Grand High Licensing List”, a list of shows licensed by U.S. commercial anime companies, was created by Mariela and is (was?) maintained by her
This a new url; the previous url no longer works
Redirection: redirects to
The relatively new, multiform fan site by longtime Metro Anime members Angela, Danielle (Dan-chan), and Mandisa (Disa), with emphasis on shoujo manga and anime, apparently last updated 2010-03-15
There is plenty of good content here; this site has about ten sections at last count, including

Fly By Night Design [Stale]
A site by Terry Chu (alias Doc the Stampede) of “anything media related.
It includes Terry’s numerous fine pictures of several anime conventions
Apparently last updated in 2005
Terry also has a blog, Say, What Chu Looking At?, which is up to date and occasionally mentions anime

Seth no Baka
Seth’s page, and the title says it all
Many of Seth’s links to anime resources are seriously out of date

Haze Studios
Founded and headed by Mike “Haze-man” Hayes, a New Jersey manga-style comics and video game creator
Haze Studios’ old site was at [Gone]

Adventures in Anime Music
This is [was?] the New York anime music radio show
Warning—This site made my computer hang whenever I browsed it; therefore, I have removed my clickable links to this site; if you wish to visit this site at your own risk, here is the address:

Ming’s Anime Page

Mariela’s site [Stale]
This site of Mariela aka Sapphire aka Marisama aka Mari-chan has several sections, notably Shoujo Manga in the USA
This site did not seem to get any updates after Mariela moved to Texas in August 2003 to work for ADV Films, and it seemed to go missing for a while
Mariela’s Grand High Licensing List is still up and being maintained (by her? I don’t know)

New York City Anime
That’s this page, baka!


Missing, outdated, or problematic resources

Select past or cancelled events

2013-08-10 15:00 Momotarō’s Sea Eagle (Saturday)
Doors open 14:30, program starts 15:00
Screening the black and white anime short
Momotarō’s Sea Eagle [Momotarō no Umiwashi] (Japan, 1942, 37 min) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos

With Japanese soundtrack and English subtitles
With a brief introduction and a concluding question & answer session
In Japanese legend, the hero Momotarō (“Peach Boy”), with his animal allies, goes to the island of the oni (horned demons or ogres) and defeats them.
In this wartime animated retelling, Momotarō and the animals ride in warships and planes, the oni (still horned) are American sailors, and their island base is Pearl Harbor.

See the flyer (.pdf, 342 KB)
Presented by the Metro Anime club, Sans Diego Film Shorts, and Asia Pacific Forums, Ltd
See the Facebook event page (as a Metro Anime club event)
See the other Facebook event page (as a Sans Diego Film Shorts event)
In the Royal Theater at the Producer’s Club, 358 W 44th St near SE corner with 9th Ave, New York NY 10036-5426 map, +1-212-315-4743
Free admission; seating is limited: first come, first seated

2012-05-06 12:00–18:00 FantasyFest 3 at Metro Anime [Cancelled] (Sunday)
Cancelled because our usual venue (Maui Tacos) has closed; will be rescheduled elsewhere if possible
Showcasing fantasy anime
See the flyer (.pdf, 152 KB)
Featuring the following fantasy anime (or episodes from them):
Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yōko [Genmu Senki Leda] OVA (Japan, 1985, 75 min) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos
The Gargoyle of the Yoshinagas [Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gāgoiru] TV (Japan, 2006) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos eps 1 & 2
Puella Magi Madoka Magica [Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika] TV (Japan, 2011) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos eps 1–3
Shamanic Princess OVA (Japan, 1996) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos eps 1 & 2
Strange Dawn TV (Japan, 2000) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos eps 1 & 2
The Tower of Druāga: The Aegis of Uruk [Doruāga no Tō: ji Ījisu no Uruku] TV (Japan, 2008) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos
ep 1
See the Metro Anime show descriptions

2012-04-14 11:00–18:00 Sakura Park Cherry Blossom Festival (Saturday)
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the gift of cherry blossom trees to the United States from Japan
See the flyer (.pdf, 2372 KB)
In Sakura Park, W 122nd St & Riverside Dr, New York NY 10027 map

2010-05-23 12:00–18:00 PJ Mini-Pop with Reni (Sunday)
A mini anime festival, “premiere Japanese pop culture experience.” featuring karaoke contest (bring your CDs or MP3s), special screenings, robot demonstrations, cosplay cafe, vendors, and much more
Presented by PJ Pop: Premiere Japanese Pop Culture [Gone]
With performances by cosplay singer Reni.
See flyer 1, flyer 2, the press release (.doc, 29 KB), & the 6-page description of activities (.pdf, 486 KB))
See the PJ Mini-Pop Facebook page
Also see this NYAF blog entry
At Dwyer Cultural Center in Harlem, 258 St Nicholas Ave, New York NY 10027 map, entrance on 123rd St btw St Nicholas Ave & Frederick Douglass Blvd (see Dwyer location & directions), +1-212-222-0360
Admission $15.00, RSVP required to or +1-212-222-0360

Vendors present include

Missing or problematic resources

Sushi NYC [Inaccessible]
A site reviewing and discussing Sushi places in New York City

Genki Shock [Gone]
A meet-up group for Japanese pop culture events in NYC
They have a meet-up site [Gone] and a Myspace site [Seems abandoned]

GoodGameTV [Site unreachable, times out]
NYC-based company offering many anime TV series and movies through cheap and legal streaming on demand
Prices range from $2.00 to $4.00 for most videos, “including all bonus footage, and you get it for two weeks (14 days)! That’s more than enough time and cheaper than iTunes, On Demand cable, or anywhere else.”
“No file downloads, no extra software.”
Blog last updated 2010-12-16; security certificate not up to date, last time I checked
Their YouTube channel of previews is still up

Bronx Community College (BCC) Anime Club [Gone]
The anime & manga club of Bronx Community College (BCC), once called Ikimas Anime Club
The club meets Thursday afternoons 12:00–13:50, usually in room 207 on the 2nd floor of Bliss Hall (Art Department), but sometimes in room 33 or 35 on the 2nd floor of New Hall
The club also holds special events like a game tournament on 2008-10-09
They were to hold a mini anime convention on 2008-11-13, but that was cancelled
At Bronx Community College (BCC), 2183 University Ave at 181st St, Bronx NY 10453 map (see BCC directions & BCC campus map), +1-718-289-5100
The club has a Facebook page and an old-style, soon-to-be archived Facebook group

Anime Club of Long Island (ACOLI) [Gone]
A relatively new club; the site has very little public information about the club itself, and none about its events or meetings; you need to register and log in to find out about these things
Site last updated 2008-04-03

New York Anime Festival (NYAF) banner
New York Anime Festival (NYAF)
As of 2012, the New York Anime Festival has been fully and officially absorbed into New York Comic Con (NYCC); the two cons were presented by the same firm (Reed Exhibitions), and for the last few years had been at the same location at the same time with a single registration for both
“This year [2012], we’re pleased to announce anime and manga content will become a more integral part of New York Comic Con, presented under the New York Comic Con name instead of the New York Anime Festival.”
Outdated resources: NYAF Youtube videos [Stale] & NYAF Myspace page [Stale]
Redirection: redirects to

PJ Pop: Premiere Japanese Pop Culture [Gone]

Anime in NYC [Gone]
A list compiled by the folks at New York Comic Con (NYCC)/New York Anime Festival (NYAF)
Last I looked still had an outdated and dead link for the ImaginAsian Theater, which has since become BIG Cinemas Manhattan

Central Park Media [Closed; site gone]
Central Park Media (parent company of US Manga Corps, Software Sculptors, CPM Press, & Anime 18) was one of New York City’s own anime & manga publishers
250 W 57th St Ste 317, New York NY 10107-0300 map, +1-212-977-7456

Manga Cafe Atom [Closed; site gone]
A cafe where you could read manga for $5/hour or $12 for 3 hours
Soft drinks were $1 with free refills
38 W 38th St (btw 5th & 6th Ave) Fl 3, New York NY 10018-0029 map, +1-212-221-0615
Open 11:00am–02:00am

DJ Ranma S [Gone]
Former site of the well-known local cosplayer (DJ Ranma S himself is still active)

NYO! Cosplay [Gone]
We are the New York tri-state area’s anime / cosplay group known as NYO! Cosplay (formerly BAAF Cosplayers). Periodically, we get together for parties, anime screening, trips, cosplay gear, you name it!
Site last updated 2005-11-04
There is also a private, unjoinable NYO! Cosplay Yahoo! group [Gone]
Note that NYO! Cosplay is not affiliated with planned convention NYOCon
Redirection: [Gone] redirected to [Gone]

South Jersey Anime Society (SJAS) [Gone]
In April 2005, SJAS officially removed itself as a public anime club and is now an underground, private anime organization.
( [Gone] formerly redirected to; [Gone] formerly redirected to [Gone]) [Gone]
Included anime DVD reviews and manga reviews by NYC-based Serdar Yegulalp, member of the Metro Anime club
Serdar is now the anime guide for; see Anime at

Metro Anime Lending Library (MALL) [Gone]
existed to lend both fan-subtitled and commercial anime to its members. Site apparently last updated 2000-08-24; I do not know the status of the library
For pictures of the 1999 MALL party, see ConPix

Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) 2002: 2002 Pics 1 [Gone], 2002 Pics 2 [Gone], & 2002 Pics 3 [Gone]; more at Ng-Master BAAF photos [Gone]
Material formerly at the domain [Gone] can still be found at the domain

Ng-Master Anime Conventions [Gone]
David Ng’s anime convention photographs, including photos of Anime Expo New York 2002, Big Apple Anime Fest, & AnimeNEXT 2003–2006
Material formerly at the domain [Gone] can still be found at the domain

See the staff photographer’s pictures of AnimeNEXT 2003 through 2007 at Ng-Master AnimeNEXT photos [Gone]
Material formerly at the domain [Gone] can still be found at the domain

NYC Japan [Gone]
Everything Japanese in New York.” There was some interesting stuff here, and some outdated and/or useless stuff
The Japanese supermarkets section looked very good
The Restaurants Guide was simply a bad link to the Zagat site
The Japanese Books section was outdated: it listed 4 locations for 3 stores, and 3 of those locations were no longer there

Japanese supermarkets [Gone]
Japanese supermarkets in New York City and vicinity was a fine list by NYC Japan

Shun-chan’s Guide to Anime Shopping in New York City [Gone]
Updated 2003-04-24

Asahiya Bookstores New York [Closed; page gone]
360 Madison Ave at 45th St, New York NY 10017 map (entrance on 45th St btw 5th & Madison Ave), +1-212-883-0011, opened in late 2003 and closed end of October 2009
(There was an earlier Asahiya bookstore at 52 Vanderbilt Ave, a short distance away, which closed in March 2003)
This newer Madison Ave store was shown on the list of US Asahiya stores [Gone] This new Madison Ave store was smaller than the previous one, and it mostly catered to Japanese speakers; English-language books, manga, & video were in very short supply
Here was a later list of US Asahiya stores [Gone]
Here is the most recent list of US Asahiya stores

MangaManiacs [Gone]
Manga information and reviews, concentrating on manga published in the U.S.; apparently last revised 2003-08-21

Aoshi’s Anime Realm [Gone] A fan-subtitled anime tape distributor with an outstanding reputation

NYU Blue [Gone]
An NYU-based BitTorrent fansub distributor
Site last updated 2007-06-03
(The former url was, which now redirects to NYU Club Anime)

Griffin Waldau [Stripped]
Griffin Waldau’s site showed his art and his love for Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind [Kaze no Tani no Naushika] (Japan, 1984, 116 min) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos and Miyazaki Hayao’s other creations
The site included Griffin’s NYFF 1999 photos [Gone] of Miyazaki’s visit to the New York Film Festival, but those photos along with all other anime-related content are now gone
The current site is Griffin’s design, illustration, & development site
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Aestheticism [Gone]
A membership organization of aficionadas of certain subgenres (shoujo, yaoi, shounen-ai) of adult manga

Fujisankei’s New York Broadcast Schedule [Gone]

Anime MASTER [Gone]
Last Major Update: May, 2005

Shinomori Aoshi’s Oniwabanshu HQ [Gone]
Mostly devoted to Rurouni Kenshin fan art; last updated 1999-07-11

Momo Mashimaro Studios [Gone]
A very young New Jersey-based prolific maker of amateur anime music videos; there were 102 on her site (a YouTube page) at last count—Starbuck’s Home Page [Gone]
The site of the late legendary New Jersey fan Steve Pearl (d. 2007) aka Starbuck aka the American Otaking (king of the otaku)
There is some very very old stuff on this site, and the material mostly does not mention years, so it is hard to tell
( [Gone] formerly redirected to [Gone])

Long Island Manga and Anime Society (LIMAS) [Gone]

Megazone NJ [Gone]
Previously at [Gone]

New York City Anime Events Calendar [Gone]
By the amazing Michele; unfortunately, it has not been updated lately; oops, now gone

Animate USA [Gone]
Was a good, reasonably-priced one-person New York City-based online shop for anime-related merchandise: idol cards, pencil boards, pins, models, etc.
This is more of an online catalog for you to order from than a true sales website…
As of February 2008, the main page still said “Sorry, but the update won’t be ready until August 18, 2006. I’ll be taking orders then.

New York Otaku Convention (NYOCon) [Site removed]
NYOCon was to be a new convention; no current, official details are available
Note that NYOCon is/was not affiliated with NYO! Cosplay
NYOCon was originally projected to be held in 2006 at the Long Island Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, 101 James Doolittle Blvd, Uniondale NY 11553-3637 map, +1-516-794-3800

Galaxy Anime [Gone]
your multimedia anime, manga, and gaming destination.
A strange mix of stale and staler stuff from July 2006 and April 2006
For example, the last I looked (in May 2007), the main page showed “AnimeNation Bestsellers April 10th through April 16th [2006]” and the “About Us” page said “More GATV information coming in May [2006]” and “We will unveil new information next month as we officially re-launch in August 2006.

Otakuden [Gone]
offered a large selection of anime DVDs and other products, and had a fine online catalog of their DVDs
Previously called Games and James; the name change was appropriate, since they no longer carried games
The web site is missing and the phone is disconnected, so I assume the store is gone too
732 Broadway at Waverly, 2nd floor front, New York NY 10003-9584, +1-212-777-4727 map, open Monday–Saturday 11:00–20:30

FuzzyFeather [Gone]
Was the site of artist Jennifer Quick (Jen Lee Quick) of Estrigious Studio
Now see Jen’s deviantart gallery

Anime page [Gone]
In Faith’s Bewitching Realm

Was Vinny Pau’s home page

Reeve’s Northeast Corridor J-Pop Shopping Guide [Gone]
Last updated 2003-07
Actually, it just moved to a new url: Blue Shinra Project: Reeve’s Northeast Corridor J-Pop Shopping Guide

Jiro-Chan Start Here [Gone]
See the Estrigious Studio site

Cabbit-Abe’s AnimeLove Page [Gone]
Last updated 2001-11-20

Games and James [Closed]
The main store at 566 7th Ave #1 at 40th St in midtown is now closed; the store at 732 Broadway at Waverly operated under the new name Otakuden, but is now gone also

NYC Anime Shopping [Gone]
Page by Ayaka K; for more info, see the entry on Ayaka’s site Vigilante Anime

Vigilante Anime [Gone]
Ayaka K.’s anime site
Included guides to anime and manga, and to anime shopping in New York City and in Tokyo
Also had con reports, and descriptions and pictures of the many costumes Ayaka has made and worn

Jazz’s Homepage [Gone]
Had anime content once, I think, but then did not; a single link to the Anime Web Turnpike does not qualify

Fushigi Moon [Gone]
This was Angela’s page all about Fushigi Yūgi (Japan, 1995–1996) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos
Then it was stripped, leaving only a list of selected Fushigi Yūgi links; now it is gone entirely
See Angela’s latest and best site at

Asia-related organizations [Gone]
At Columbia University; a list of links

Momijigari: The Japanese Autumn Garden [Gone]
Is an annual (?) autumn exhibit event (starting in 2000) at the New York Botanical Garden (in the Bronx)
This page (now gone) refered only to the 2001 event; have there been any since?

Anime Colony [Gone]
A division of New York City-based USA Network’s Sci-Fi Channel, had many anime and manga reviews on its site, now removed
Note that back-ups of my Anime Colony reviews are still available

Danielle (Dan-chan)’s page of pages [Gone]
You can still see some of Dan-chan’s stuff on

Was missing, but has been reborn right here The original site, created by Ralph Young, included “Upcoming Events” and a highly recommended shopping guide. See an old copy of Ralph’s site
See the excellent shopping resources page on the Metro Anime club site, also compiled by Ralph—oops, that section is now empty
You might also try Ayaka’s NYC Anime Shopping page—oops, that is now gone also

Anime-Manga Shopper’s Guide to New York City [Gone]
See instead the excellent shopping resources page on the Metro Anime club site, compiled by Ralph—oops, that section is currently empty
You might also try Ayaka’s NYC Anime Shopping page—oops, that is now gone also

Yumeka [Gone]
A group of talented women artists; but this site is now reduced to a single page, announcing that the site is closed as of 2002-06-16, and suggesting other art sites to visit—oops, now gone entirely

NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology) Anime [Gone]
Oops, site seems to be gone

Widget Anime [Gone]
Distributes fan-subtitled anime tapes—oops, this site seemed stripped, a short front page with a few links, each of them dead

New York Anime Exchange [Gone]
Claims to do translation, subtitling, and distribution
Not recommended—oops, the site seems to be gone

asianFools Network Calendar [Gone]
Included some anime events

Flaming Sushi Anime [Gone]
ells anime merchandise online—oops, it is gone

Angela’s Temporary Webworld [Stripped]
Was just a selection of links, now just an empty directory
See Angela’s latest and best site at

Crazed Fangirls Invade Anaheim! [Gone]
Angela’s wonderful account of Anime Expo ’98, with some pictures (oops, gone)
Some time ago, Angela told me this would re-appear as part of a Watase Yuu (creator of Fushigi Yūgi (Japan, 1995–1996) amazon Wikipedia ANN IMDb Videos, Ayashi no Ceres, etc.) section of her site; that Watase Yuu section (The Wonderful World of Watase!) does now exist, but it seems incomplete, and it does not include this account

Mangaya [Gone]
Mina Monden’s online manga store—oops, gone

Cat Cafe [Gone]
One of Jack Chu’s sites—oops, this site is gone, but Anime Next, his main site, is still up—no, wait, that one is gone too

Nero’s Anime Page [Gone]
Oops, gone

Anime Auction site [Gone]
One of Jack Chu’s sites (oops, gone)

Asian Anime Society [Gone]
oops, this site is gone

Anime Crash [Closed]
A store on West 4th Street at Lafayette, in NoHo—oops, closed

Metro Anime buffet [Gone]
Oops, gone or moved
For pictures of the 1999 MALL (Metro Anime Lending Library) buffet party, see ConPix

Japanese Cultural Association [Gone]
(JCA) Online (Oops, there was a problem with this site, or it was gone; definitely gone now)
Instead, check out Rutgers JCA

The Official Tsukirima Comix Website [Gone]
Oops, gone
The site for the Tsukirima comic Reigen Senshi Hinako [Gone] is still up (oops, not any more), but I suspect Tsukirima Comix itself is history

Reigen Senshi Hinako [Gone]
A small site about a comic of that title that was published (or, more likely, was to have been published) by Tsukirima Comix
The only date mentioned was 1998
Tsukirima Comix formerly had a site at [Gone] but that is gone, and I can not find a newer one, so I suspect they are history

ng virus [Gone]
oops, can’t find the server
But you can still find Taeko-san at the Anime Kakumei site—oops, no, you can’t
At least her New York-Tokyo site is still active

Anime Kakumei [Gone]
Imported Japanese anime merchandise for fans—oops, the site is gone
There does exist a site named Anime Kakumei, but it is apparently unrelated to the missing site, to merchandise, or to New York

A Night of J-Pop [Gone]
oops, site gone
Held in December 1999, but maybe they will have another one