The New York City Anime Tour

The New York City Anime Tour (NYCAT) is an annual event sponsored by the Anime Alliance, a group dedicated to promoting the appreciation of anime outside of Japan. The NYCAT is a tour of some of the best locations in the greater New York metropolitan area to acquire anime, mangas and related merchandise.
In 1998 the Alliance held its fourth and fifth NYCAT events.  The fourth NYCAT had 45 anime tourists, and the fifth had over 60--each event breaking the previous record.
Currently, the principal guide and organizer of the NYCATs is John "Trent" Lambert.  Trent is the proprietor of Anime Kakumei, a business which imports anime memorabilia into the U.S., and always brings along some interesting and particularly hard-to-obtain goodies to his tours, over and above the wares of the various shops on the route.

What follows is a listing of some of the sites visited in the June 1998 NYCAT, for the benefit of those who could not attend or who require additional information.