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Japan’s Most Anticipated Film Based on The Mega-Hit Girls Comic


MONDAY, DEC. 18, 2006 DOOR 7:15 / FILM 7:30 PM

Seats are limited. Please RSVP to

Following its theatrical release in Japan on Dec. 9, “NANA2”—Japan’s most anticipated movie of the year-end—is quickly making it way over to New York City, at the IFC Center on Monday, December 18, 2006. At the showing, there will be guest appearances from award-winning actress and singer, Mika Nakashima, and stunning beauty and upcoming star, Yui Ichikawa.

Directed by Kentaro Otani, one of the top creators of today’s Japanese film industry, “NANA” (original movie, 2005) has made ground-breaking records in Japanese entertainment with complete domination in the rankings of film (“NANA”), music (theme song: Nana starring Mika Nakashima “Glamorous Sky”), and comics (“NANA”). Originally a best-selling girls comic series by Ai Yazawa (its first twelve volumes of the series have cumulatively sold over 36 million copies), the “NANA” movement continues to be a powerful force in Japan’s popular culture today through Yazawa’s ability to stylize her characters and identify deeply with a young audience. “NANA2” is the much-awaited, all-encompassing sequel to complete this masterpiece!

With such extravagant casting for this sequel, “NANA2” is set in Tokyo’s hip nightlife as well as some serene backdrops from the U.K. (punk rocker Nana wears Vivienne Westwood!). Yet, what necessarily differentiates this production from all others is its unique way of penetrating other entertainment markets through its use of “artistic collaboration,” in which the theme songs are cleverly integrated into the scheme of the story. In “NANA,” this was accomplished with Nana’s dynamic performance of “Glamorous Sky,” a song written especially for “NANA” by million-hit songwriter and artist, Hyde from L’Arc en Ciel, and author, Ai Yazawa. Where the story follows the progress of two rival bands’ paths to a professional debut, the singles they produce in the movie are in reality, released into the Japanese mainstream under their fictitious names. This clever technique ultimately prepared “NANA” to be one of the most successful movies of 2005. “NANA2” reinforces this tradition with the band’s new single “Hito Iro,” (“One Color”), written by Takuro, the leading million-hit songwriter of Japan’s all-time No. 1 rock group, Glay.

*130 Min / 2006 / Japan / Japanese with English Subtitles*



The film is about two girls of the same age and name, Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu. They randomly meet in a train and, following a string of coincidences having to do with the number seven (pronounced “nana” in Japanese), decide to live together in an apartment numbered 707. One is a cynical punk rocker with a demanding presence and the other is a cute, ignorant girl with an upper-middle class mindset. The two characters, despite having contrasting personalities, like and respect each other. After they met, Nana Osaki started calling Nana Komatsu “Hachi” (“Hachiko” is the name of a famous loyal dog in Japan. Coincidentally, “hachi” means “eight” which follows “nana”) Nana wants to make her debut to leave her ex-boyfriend, Ren, behind. Nana and Ren were in the same group once, but Ren was offered a chance to debut in Tokyo as a replacement member of Trapnest, a popular band. Realizing that following Ren would mean giving up her own dream to be a singer, she chose to cultivate her own band, Black Stones.


Nana’s band, Black Stones, has their major label debut. Hachi is spun into a deep relationship with Takumi, the leader of Trapnest. Nana and Ren’s relationship also comes to light and cause a scandal in the entertainment industry. After a series of events between the two girls and the band members, Hachi chooses to leave the apartment she shares with Nana and the two friends are far apart with only their respective partners as hope for the future. This sequel is the last installment of the original “NANA” movies.


Mika Nakashima (playing Nana) :

Mika Nakashima is one of the most popular and charismatic female stars of Japan today. Since her breakthrough in 2002, she has received numerous awards starting with “Best New Artist of the Year” from various award ceremonies to nominee of the “Best Buzz Asia from Japan” and winner of “Best Video from a Film” at the MTV Video Music Japan awards. She has won her well-deserved public recognition and has stirred up excitement amid many listeners of the younger generation. Mika’s first No. 1 single, “Glamorous Sky,” came in 2005, as the best-selling female single of the year selling over 440,000 copies. She has released four albums since her debut, all of which have reached No. 1 in the album charts. Her recent concentration on her film career has won her the “Best New Actor Award” and the “Best Female Actor Award” at the 29th Japan Academy Awards with her performance in “NANA.”

Yui Ichikawa (playing Hachi):

Already a luminary in the model world, Yui Ichikawa has recently shifted her professional career to film, and has been acclaimed as one of the most promising young actresses of today. She has won several awards including the Namco Audition Grand Prix in 1999. With much involvement in a wide array of mediums including TV dramas, commercials, and music videos, her copious experience has earned her major parts in recent films as “Ju-On:The Grudge”, “Ju-On:The Grudge 2”, “Zebraman”, “About Love”, “School Days”, “Siren”, and “Rough”.

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