The First-Ever 1998 Event

In 1998, hot on the heels of the Alliance's Annual Picnic, an informal Anime Buffet was held on August 1.  Organized by Michele "My Manga" Tang, this event was largely done in anticipation of the following week's Otakon 98, the East Coast's largest anime-specific convention.  Your Humble Webmaster attended the Buffet, but couldn't attend the convention, so he is understandably bitter.
This event was especially noteworthy in that it was attended by Sasha, a representative of RANMA, the Russian ANime and MAnga Club, which was the first live representation of the Alliance's only Russian affiliate at an Alliance event in the States.  Sasha appeared appropriately horrified by our atrocious table manners, and provided us with samples of her excellent homespun anime artwork.
In addition to eating everything except the restaurant staff (Michele did a head count of the waiters as we were leaving), we enjoyed a raffle of excellent anime goodies, including some risque pseudo-hentai posters.  Again, Your Humble Webmaster didn't get bupkuss, so he is even MORE bitter.
To gratify his bitterness with an antisocial act, Your Humble Webmaster has every intention of swiping pictures of the event as soon as someone else is foolish enough to put them on the web.  If you didn't attend, I will warm my black heart to the cheery music of the gnashing of your teeth.

Time: 12:30pm - 2:30 p.m.
Location: Master Buffet (718)482-0600.
Address: 39-23 Queens Blvd, Queens, NYC
Directions: You can get there by taking the 7 train and get off at 40
Street stop on Queens Blvd, then walk to 39th.

You can take/find the 7 train at 42nd Street Times Square or 42nd Street
Grand Central going to Queens direction.
For Subway Travel Info call (718)330-1234 New York Transit Authority.